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Intel Server board SE7320SP2 ECC memory question



i had been using Intel Server board SE7320SP2 (manual in attachment) with two sticks of DDR1 ECC memory in slots 1A and 1B, 512 MB + 512 MB

When booting the system it gives me error "bad memory 1B, press F1 for setup or F2 to continue).

I had replaced both memory sticks but when i turn on the system, i got the same error again, the system can boot but with only one memory module.

Am i missing something? Is there some setting in BIOS that need to be changed after replacing bad memory?

I am thinking that maybe the 1B memory slot is not working for some reason. Can i use memory slots 2A and 2B insted? MBO manual says that slots 1A and 1B must be used first (manual page 24).

Also, i do not understand what does it mean "disabling DIMMs" manual page 26.

Do i need to go to the BIOS and do a memory retest option (set to enabled) to correct this error?

Thank you very much for your help.



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