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KFA2 RTX 3080 SG terrible fan stop - alternative BIOS?


I got this card after a year of waiting for the original MSRP, which is great, and I'm very happy about it. But KFA2 is no EVGA. I've been running this card for a while now and especially after a bit of undervolting it runs great. However the fan stop doesn't work as expected. The fans themselves are not the most quiet on this card, and when the fans are not spinning, they ramp up to 50% (which is really noticeable, as the rest of my PC is pretty much dead silence) for a few seconds every time the power draw goes over 40W. Which is pretty much every couple of minutes, or even more often than that when I'm more "actively" using my PC, since the sole act of opening the start menu results in a spike of power draw to over 100W (both on Windows 10 and 11). I tried different pieces of software to set the fan curve, including the hot pile of garbage that is KFA2's "Xtreme Tuner", Palit Thundermaster, MSI Afterburner and EVGA Precision, and I was only able to make it worse with anything other than the aforementioned pile of garbage. I tried setting the power limit, but no software allows me to go below 31%, which is still a 100W. I've sent an email to KFA2 describing my issue and even asking for a different BIOS (cause I've seen some folks with their 3090s online claiming to been able to get a different BIOS from KFA2) but I didn't get any response, and it's been a month since then.
So first of all, do you think a different BIOS might solve the issue?
And secondly, which GPUs' BIOS can I safely flash to this card?
Bricking it would be a giant rest in pepperoni for me, not only it costs now about twice of what I payed, but also availability is what you'd expect nowadays. Thanks!

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