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Packet burst in COD Vanguard and Unstable packet loss in Halo

Hello, im about to give up trying to solve my problem. So I am having this stutter problem in Call of Duty vanguard where it pops up with packet burst. The same thing in Halo Infinite pops up "unstable Packet loss". I have Gigabit internet, with a new modem (even tried using my 5g hotspot on my phone and still got the packet burst sign). My latency is low, when i have the packet loss counter on it shows zero. I have done everything software wise under the sun. Fresh windows install and bios updates. I have gone as far as switching out motherboard and cpu from amd to intel. I have borrowed my friends gtx 1070 graphics card and it still does it. I have an nvme and i got a second ssd and loaded games on that. I have tried almost everything everything. Only two things i havent done is pulled out my 4 8gb of ram and changed the psu. 


Here are my specs


EVGA rtx 3060

MSI Z590 Pro wifi motherboard - previous was a b550 aorus pro

I7 11700K - previous was ryzen 5 3600xt

Cooler Master 750 watt PSU

Seagate 520 500gb nvme

SK Hynix 500gb SSD

4 sticks 8gb ddr4 corsair vengeance pro ram

cooler master water cooler

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“Packet” is a term for the data your machine exchanges, so it’s likely got something to do with your internet communications.  not always anything to be done about that if the source of the problem is outside of your control.  An in depth examination of the connection system between your machine and the outside world and any powerful electromagnetic interference forces might be in order.  How your computer connects to the wall and what else is on the circuit can also matter.  If it is straight up electromagnetic interference the appearance of the problem would coincide very very closely with something happening.  Older air conditioners or fridges can be prime offenders there.  The compressor pumps are run by fairly large electric motors and they go on and off with a thermostat. Something old and in poor repair might let out a burst as it goes on or off. That stuff is usually very short range though.  It would have to be very near your machine or ethernet cable, and maybe not even then. Old vacuum cleaners were sometimes so bad they could interfere with OTA TV reception when they were running. 


Life is like a bowl of chocolates: there are all these little crinkly paper cups everywhere.

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