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3080 Performance issues with NVIDIA OVERLAY



RTX 3080

Ryzen 5 5600x

32gig 3200mhz ram

MSI X570 A Pro - Version  "American megatrends International, LLC. H.D1, 3/03/2021" 


An extremely weird performance Issue has recently developed with my new PC. It first started on raytracing minecraft windows 10 edition. The game would stutter and drop to 30 fps constantly, and now on other applications too.


I decided to make a post here and began screen recording to capture the issue, however, WHEN I SCREEN RECORD, OR ENABLE INSTANT REPLAY, EVERYTHING IS FIXED USING NVIDIA OVERLAY. I even tested other games, I get significantly higher FPS whilst recording, and games can load up to 20 seconds faster while screen recording. When I play Ghost recon wildlands, it takes forever to load when not recording, but when recording It loads within a few seconds.


Even YOUTUBE gets 30fps locks during video playback sometimes, which is fixed as soon as I turn on Nvidia replay. I have noticed somewhat common micro-freezes during simple tasks such as file explorer, opening windows settings etc. All which seem to be gone as long as instant replay is activated in the background.


  • I have done a complete driver reinstall using DDU, I have reinstalled Wildlands and Minecraft (the two games I mainly tested this on) 
  • I have updated windows to it's latest version (running on windows 10)
  • I have updated drivers
  • I have defragged my drives




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