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  1. Specs: RTX 3080 Ryzen 5 5600x 32gig 3200mhz ram MSI X570 A Pro - Version "American megatrends International, LLC. H.D1, 3/03/2021" An extremely weird performance Issue has recently developed with my new PC. It first started on raytracing minecraft windows 10 edition. The game would stutter and drop to 30 fps constantly, and now on other applications too. I decided to make a post here and began screen recording to capture the issue, however, WHEN I SCREEN RECORD, OR ENABLE INSTANT REPLAY, EVERYTHING IS FIXED USING NVIDIA OVERLAY. I eve
  2. XMP is enabled and has drastically helped performance. I still have odd stutters and locks here and there that shouldn't happen, but this has made it well and truly playable. Thanks mate
  3. How is this performance tab looking? I'm going to hold off on DDU for a bit and try some other stuff, maybe just reinstall Minecraft. Never been comfortable using that program to be honest.
  4. Hahah you lost me there. So I need to increase it to 3200Mhz to get the most out of it? What confuses me about this is the problem is literally fixed if I screen record. Runs flawlessly then. It's as though when I play it's considered a background process and screen recording prioritises it. I have no idea.....
  5. This is what I have installed: https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/memory/ddr4/61665-f4-3200c16d-32gvk I'm not sure how to use DLSS, never worked with that before. I have upscaling switched on in the minecraft settings, but there is no customization for it beyond that. I'm a little concerned as I disabled the adaptive sync in control panel, and I've still got screen tearing.
  6. Another thing that may be worth mentioning, my monitor is a shitty old Samsung 60Hhz without any Gsync or Adaptive sync technology. Running a HDMI to display port adapter connection.
  7. My memory speed was 2133 MHz if that's what you wanted me to find.
  8. Just tried that, it caused really bad screen tearing even though I was under 60fps. Improved it from 30fps locks to around 45-50fps locks instead
  9. I have 32gig ram installed, not sure what you mean about the speed though.
  10. I have a 3080 and 5600x. For a while I was running windows 10 Minecraft with raytracing at 24 chunks no hiccups whatsoever. Now, it's running awfully. It runs at 60fps for 5 seconds at a time then locks to 30fps randomly. If I'm super lucky it'll stay at 60fps for a while, however when i start to move it gets extreme lag spikes, locking to 30fps for a few seconds. What's extremely weird is i was about to record a video with NVIDIA overlay to provide an example of this. When I start screen recording it fixes the fps problems, as though recording makes minecraft get properly rec
  11. Unfortunately using DDU to reinstall drivers has made no difference, though thankyou everyone who suggested it. Freesync is not available in radeon options so i would assume none of my monitors support it, like you said. I just tried Radeon Chill as you suggested, however it made no difference to framerate, it was still hovering around 160fps. I have found many radeon settings don't affect my games, even if i restart them etc. Perhaps i am configuring them incorrectly, idk I'm assuming this issue is due to a setting I need to change somewhere, because as i mentioned my friend is
  12. Just to be sure, should I install version 20.11.2? That is the latest "recommended" download I can see, Thanks
  13. Previous post info is written at the bottom below. Friend came over and we swapped my GPU to his build. On his PC none of the issues were present, which to me says that there isn't an issue with the GPU. We took out the ram and used it in his, and that too functioned fine. We're now thinking it could be the CPU and will be placing mine into his in a day or two. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? As well as any precautionary suggestions? Thanks ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. Yes I have, I originally set it to 25gigs (I have 32gig) but later pulled that back to 8 gig because I figured it was overkill and stupid, but I don't really know what's best. I've heard that with Java just being terrible, it's just that what confuses me is that with vsync off i get really good fps, but as soon as i turn it on it has a freak out and wont bump above 45fps or so.