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I recently bought another 16gb of ram for my pc.(Note: I already have 16 gb of ram in my rig.) I open task manager and it reads as 32gb of ram. So everything should be fine right? Well i open up cpu z and wanted to double check to make sure it was reading it properly. I open the Memory tab and it does say I have 32gb of ram. But the problem is its reading it as dual channel when i have 4 sticks in it? My only questions is: Will i be able to use the other 16GB of ram in my pc even though it says its running in dual channel? Here's my pc specs listed below. All i really want to use is the extra GB of ram.

Screenshot (180).png

Screenshot (182).png

Screenshot (184).png

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Yes, everything looks as it should.

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B360 motherboard has single channel or dual channel support. What do you expect, quad channel?

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Your motherboard has 2 memory channels and 4 DIMM slots, everything's running as expected. 

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There are only 2 channels. This is also the reason it's important to put the sticks in the right slots (usually A2 > B2 > A1 > B1)

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