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Is there a way to stream mp4 files through a bot for Discord?

I had a idea I wanted to try for my private Discord server with 5 friends. I want to find a way that a program or a bot can stream a mp4 or similar file on a video chat automatically, say like I set the video to play for a specific time and/or I can select what plays later at another specific time.


The purpose of this would be to host a stream party where we can gather and watch something, then when that file is done the next file could automatically play or wait until the selected time. Perfect for intermission. Also I was thinking bot or program so I don't have to be logged in while the file is going, so I can interact with other things on Discord without disturbing the stream.


Would I need a dedicated account for this, would a bot or a script do? I have never done this sort of thing at all and I would like your advice. 


For bonus points, could this feature/bot be hosted on a Raspberry pi so my other pc or whatever is used is not taxed with this request?


I am very new to this stuff, so any help is useful. If a pi can do it, I could have it connect to my NAS Plex server(when I get it going) if that is possible, so the pi itself doesn't have to hold the video files.

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