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Weird issues with my pc

Hello everyone,

I'm having some weird issues with my pc lately. I will try to describe them at my best.

Today I installed Control from the epic store. I started the game for the first time, and during the first cinematic the screen went completely black and the audio suddenly stopped. I tried alt tabbing, ctr+alt+del, and generally clicking around with the mouse, but there was no way of regaining control. I also noticed that the pc fans went ballistic. I can't know for sure but I think it was the gpu fans.
I shut down the pc with the physical button, but when I turned it on again, I couldn't go past the windows lock screen. No input from the mouse or the keybord was recognized, and I noticed that the mouse leds were off.
I shut down the pc again, and I noticed that the keyboard leds were still on.

I tried one or two times to access the bios, and there everything was working properly, including mouse and keyboard.

I tried to remove the oc, without results.
In the end, I switched off the psu and pressed the power button repeatedly, in order to reset the capacitors, and it worked, but I really don't know what caused this.

By the way, I had similar problems the other day, when I tried to install and play Splitgate. I had the same weird black screen + noisy fans during the loading screen, but that time a simple shut down and power on worked just fine. I never managed to get past the loading screen tho.


I need help to figure out what's going on with my pc.


This is (part of) my config:
- I5 6600K oc 4,2ghz

- rx 480 4gb version, msi gaming x

-msi z170a m5

- samsung 850 evo 250gb (primary)
-crucial mx300 750 gb


every game was installed in the 750 secondary drive. The pc was assembled in 2016. No other game so far has given me this problem


Thank you!

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Sounds like an unstable overclock for those games. Do they run properly after removing all overclocks?

Be sure to QUOTE or TAG me in your reply so I see it!


CPU Ryzen 5 5600x GPU EVGA 3080 Ti FTW3 Ultra MOBO Asus ROG Strix B550-F Gaming RAM Crucial Ballistix 3600 MHz CL16 32 GB PSU Corsair RM1000x COOLING Noctua NH-U12S

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2 hours ago, RAS_3885 said:

Sounds like an unstable overclock for those games. Do they run properly after removing all overclocks?

no they don't. Running the cpu stock or oc'd gave me the same issues


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