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Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL EK parts list



I am looking to buy a PC very similar to this one:




But I am in the UK and they are only available in the US.


Does anyone know of a parts list that I can buy and build something similar myself?


That Lian Li case and EK loop looks amazing.





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All you need to do is buy the distro plate that EK makes for that case, whatever cpu block and gpu block you want, obviously the system you linked are using ek, and then fittings and tubbing. Honestly if you want one that looks exactly like that then just email EK and they will give you the list for the cooling parts then just add your normal parts ie mb, gpu, cpu, ram etc etc

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Also that's not the XL, it's the standard Dynamic.


The Distro is a custom design based on the EK Quantum Kinetic. The GPU block looks to be a version of the Vector RTX. The CPU block is custom but seems to be based on the Magnitude. Fans are the EK Vardar RGB ones, tubing at a guess is 14mm clear acrylic. Fittings are EK-AF Classics. Radiators look like a pair of PE360s. 


It's a big ol' pile of money. Distro £350 near enough in XL form, CPU and GPU block are near enough £200 each, rads £80 each, probably £200 in fittings, maybe £50 of tubing and £120 on fans. 


Probably £1300 plus of WC components there, I reckon you could shave £300+ and still keep an almost identical aesthetic and better performance if you shopped around, used non-EK blocks, rads and fittings, and went a different route with fans. 

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You really should look at the german brands of watercool/aquacomputer/techn. Similar price to ekwb but in general better build quality, quality control, industrial design and similar price.


Aquacomputer is best for fan controller and flow/temp sensor.


Fittings go barrows/bykski lol. If your going for the best, optimus and phantek fittings are the best but cost the most. I use combo of bitspower extenders/rotary plus ekwb torque 90 and dual t flow splitters with the end of the fittings being optimus.


All my friends builds are now using either hwl/hwl oem/watercool new internal rads with  watercool tube/aquacomputer ultitube and some optimus reservoir (too expensive imo), cpu blocks are all optimus, gpu blocks are one of aquacomputer/optimus/watercool. Fan controller are aquacomputer quadro with d5 next/d5 pwm and next flow/temp sensor. Fittings are barrows/bykski generally with ekwb torque 90 rotary/rotary t for select locations in the loop. 


Take an look at optimus recent announcement. Ceratoke Ceramic Finish versus standard copper/nickel finish. 



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