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Best tablet for content consumption

My galaxy tab a from 2016 refuses to charge and I’m looking for a new tablet.  I want one that has both a headphone jack and a micro sd card slot and to not cost more than $350.  Do you have any recommendations?  

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My wife picked up a Lenovo tab M10 HD. Hers is branded as a Nook from Barnes and Nobel. She reads books on it mostly. 129.

Seems snappy 10.1 inch screen, video looks great and the sound is pretty good. claims to have Dolby Atmos, whatever.

Has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/tablets/android-tablets/lenovo-tab-series/Tab-M10-HD-2nd-Gen/p/ZA6W0180US ( not the Nook model, but the same specs ).

Not much of an ipad fan, although the are nice but pricey for an equivalent sized screen.

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15 hours ago, Chuck Gaulke said:

...cost more than $350...

Depends where you getting it from

How much does a bottle of water cost on Mars?

Do they accept dollars over there?

Do they even have water in stock over there?


Although a good candidate that should be available and within your budget in all but the most dire places, is the Galaxy Tab A7 (2020)

1200p 15:9 screen almost perfectly fits standard 16:9 content

Quad speakers with headphone jack

Expandable storage

At least 3GB of RAM

Snapdragon 662 chipset

Currently on Android 11

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