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Looking to migrate dynamic drives to another machine (Need help with the logistics)

Hello everyone, sorry if this isn't the most appropriate forum for this but here it is:


My 9 year old windows 10 PC 64 bit that I built in high school finally died (error code: 0xc00000f) and at this point I would rather put my time and energy into a new build.


The problem is, I was running plex off this PC and had striped 3x 6 TB NAS drives (dynamic) that stored all my media in addition to other random drives that stored games and stuff. I would like to migrate these 3x6 TB dynamic drives to a new machine that is run off unraid or something (looking for suggestions, ideally it would be expandable) and continue to use Plex for local and remote streaming. 


For the new machine, I'd like it to be small form factor I currently have my this Kingwin SSHD Hard Drive Enclosure Internal 5 Hot Swap Bay Mobile Rack 3.5” that I would like to put into the new machine. 


I am willing to pay someone to sit and walk me through this. 

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