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CPU error light on motherboard keeps turning on and off

My sister has a relatively new custom built pc (specs are below) and recently after a storm with lots of lightning and power flicked on and off two or three times (her computer is plugged into a surge protector power board) and when she tried turning her computer on the next morning there was a red error light which was labled CPU. At first we thought it was static electricty so we pulled the CMOS battery out for quite a few hours then put it back in and the computer seemed to work again but the next day when she tried turning her computer on the same thing happened the red error light was on. My brother just so happened to have upgraded his power supply very recently as he got a new gpu and his power supply (600W) was working fine so we tried swapping his power supply into the computer and still had the same problem. We then tried plugging it directly into the power point and a different power point and still getting the same problem so we tried taking it to a computer repair store (with my brothers power supply in) and they called back later that day saying that the computer was working fine for them with no issues they could see. We also tried booting the computer without the CMOS battery in and still had the same problem so could this mean the CPU or potentially the motherboard is damaged. Since the (custom built) computer is relatively new all the parts are still under warranty so is there anything we could try that would be able to pin point the problem so we can repace that part.


AMD Ryzen 5 3600

MSI B450 mortar max

GTX 1660 TI

700W 80 plus bronze




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