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Oddly specific Temp/Crash issue (CPU)

Hey guys and gals!



(Adding this just in case it helps with anything -- https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/44947031)


So here is the issue in a bit of simple detail.


I am experiencing crashing/temp spikes ONLY when loading Unreal Engine 4 (4.18-4.26, earlier versions don't APPEAR to be causing issues?) This usually results in a 100% instant lockup, nothing to be found in error logs or windows crash dumps. It's like the CPU is being shut down as a safety measure. GPU utilization is pretty small as my use-case is mostly loading shaders and such, which from what I can tell is almost 100% a CPU task.


I play plenty of games that utilize my GPU and CPU, and it's not common to have 80-100% utilization for hours on end, especially during work. I have tried everything I can think of, including new thermal paste (I use Noctua's), checking to make sure my pump is working, testing airflow (a heavy sheet of paper floats about 3-4 inches above the radiator {top mount}), and even tried running a CPU stress test just to see if that causes the same issues.


System specs are as follows;


Intel Core i9 10850K (Stock clocks)

ASUS Prime Gaming MOBO

Corsair H115i Platinum AIO

All fans are Corsair ML Pro RGB fans (140s mostly)

EVGA 2080Ti Black

Corsair RGB Pro (32GB@3600Mhz)

Corsair Air 720 Carbide case

Corsair RM 1000PSU (it's about 5 years old, but is still working fine, I do plan to replace it if/when prices become affordable)


Please feel free to ask anything that you think may help diagnose the issue, as I have bashed my head against the wall for a week. I have found the only thing that sort of makes it survive, is setting core affinity for UE down to 4-6 threads, but i nthe SS I am attaching you can see it's not helping the overall package temps.



I use my PC almost exclusively for work, as by the time I get off work, I REALLY don't care to play games on it other than my off days lol. I need to do some upgrades, but until work picks up again and prices go down, I need to just make this baby last me. It's a LOT of power, but this simple issue is causing me a nightmare every night just hoping it t blow up on me and put me out of work again. SOS!


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