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Weird resolution stuff when powering off monitor?

I recently (a few months ago but with the same PC) changed from a quadruple monitor setup (2x 1920x1080x 60, 1x 2560x1440x144, 1x 1920x1080x60 TV for media) to a super ultrawide + TV + small sensorpanel. These three displays were connected via DP and the TV via HDMI.

Historically when I would power off the old triple setup, anything displayed on the panels would retain their window size/shape/position. So, if I had a window taking up half of a screen on my left display and powered it all off, when I power it back on it would be on the same monitor and still take up half a screen.

Currently when I turn off my monitor it seems that all the window shrink in size  and are "moved" to the "top left" corner of my display. Also on a few occasions it seems that my desktop wallpaper was truncated. I haven't "measured" it but it feels like the windows "shrink" to the size of my sensor panel display (1024x600).

My current setup is this: 1x 5120x1440x120 connected via DP (main display), 1x 1920x1080x60 connected via HDMI (TV/Media), 1x 1024x600x60 connected via HDMI (sensor panel).

The sensor panel is powered by my main displays USB so that when I turn off the main display, the sensor panel also turns off.


What I would like to happen:
I just want my PC to remember the relative positions and sizes of windows in regard to the display they are saying on. It is annoying to have to reposition or "find" windows that have been lost off screen using windows key + arrow keys each time I power on my monitor.

Relevant PC specs are:

r5 5600x

rog strix 3090

32gb 3400
Windows 10 21H1 (19043.1052 build)


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