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Hi, I am trying to make a Windows/Linux dual boot machine. I've got Windows 10 running at the moment. However, I've used up all my SATA ports on my motherboard. I purchased a:




and it works in Windows 10 just fine. The software runs through the web browser. But BIOS doesn't recognise the card or the drives attached to it. So I can't install Linux since the installer can't recognise the target location!


I'm guessing I bought the wrong el cheapo RAID card, but I don't know what card to get that will be recognised by BIOS! Any suggestions? I only need to connect 2 drives to it (for now) + my DVD drive, so at least 3 SATA connectors is a must, preferably and ideally 5 (if these even exist) since then I would be able to add additional drives later as the needs arise.


Any ideas?

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Plug the linux drive in one of the mb port.

The less important drive (for windows) to the card.

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I didn't think of that, but the problem is that the RAID card appears to only have Windows based software. I bought it a long time ago, not sure what I was thinking when I bought it to be honest. I don't remember whether I had Linux in mind. Most likely, I was expecting it to be recognised by the BIOS. I probably thought that a physical RAID card would be recognised by BIOS by default, so I don't think I even considered that it would be an OS specific thing, so most likely didn't even check this.

And then I want my Linux to be RAID 1, can you even create a RAID 1 configuration after you install it on just one disk?

Do it seems like that RAID card was realised when UEFI wasn't a thing, so it's not recognised. Maybe that's the problem?

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Have spent some time researching this and it seems that I should be looking for bootable RAID cards.

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