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  1. Okay, i have found a solution, you need to download the APO Equalizer and change the config file, to remap the output, in my case it was: Copy: C=LFE LFE=C.
  2. Hey guys! I have bought random cheapo audio card from allieexpress, this one. It works, but i have an issue, where i need to swap my center/bass speakers, because they play exactly in reverse. (in windows, when i want to play bass sound, center plays and vice versa) Do you have any tips on how to achieve that? I have read a thread that is 7 years old, but nothing usefull came from it. (yes, i know i should have bought something more expensive, but i just wanted a quick and cheap way to plug my notebook to the speakers when i come home from time to time)
  3. I mean, avast is pretty good to me as well, so i dont see a problem with it, im just curious. And since its laptop, the temps are high, in 80-90°C, i have tried one thing, and that is to disable background changing, which was done in exactly one minute apart... And from one day of testing, that seems to fix the issue ... I think its ridiculous that fucking background change can stop your system from operating for 2 seconds ...
  4. So what other free antivirus would you recommend if Avast is not good? @Faisal A
  5. Hi! I have HP omen 15, (2018 version i think). GTX 1060, 16Gb RAM, I7-8750H with win10 Edu version. Running with undervolt on CPU because that thing get hot af. Drivers should be up to date, windows is on SSD, Apex Legends as well and i make sure its not full. I use CCleaner to clean my PC, Avast as antivirus and for the last month i have been using Kerish Doctor to fix my pc. But nothing really helps. I have huge stutters in games or in windows. The longer the PC is running, the worse they get. It starts at half a second stutter, where music plays but the screen freezes, the input d
  6. Country is slovakia, main distributor is www.alza.sk and budget isi to 300€.
  7. Hi! I'm buying a phone, i have been looking at LG V30, it seems like the best option, but i want to hear your guys suggestions. Other phones i looked at are pocophone F1, Galaxy A50, Xiaomi Mi 9 SE. But i cant really make the choice and i still look back to LG because of the IP68 and camera. But im all ears for your suggestions, i do not use my phone that much, i just want to hear ppl during calls, see them instagram posts and watch a youtube video before going to sleep. And good camera with waterproofing are big benefits to me.
  8. Yeah, omen has cca +10mins of battery life, but finding a good reviews is hard, they dont have exactly the same specs. Thats why im asking here, because someone may have an experience with them.
  9. Hi guys! I have a though question for you. Its the Omen 15 (OMEN by HP 15-dc0003nc Shadow Black) vs Helios 300 (H315-51-762A or NH.Q3FEC.005). So what is the same: i7-8750H, GTX 1060, 16GB RAM, 256Gb SSD and 1Tb 7200rpm HDD and 144Hz screen with similiar color accuracy. And the price. What is different: Omen has G-Sync display, thunderbold 3, better design (imo), bigger battery life, better IO and only one ram slot filled in so the other one is free for upgrade. But it has worse performance by a little bit, temperatures higher and higher chance of getting a model with screen ble
  10. HunterSVK

    Via Hd audio

    Hey guys! I'm having serius issues with my via hd audio driver on win10.64. Motherboard is gigabyte z77-d3h 1.1 with V2021 codec. And the problem... My headphones are not showing up im devices, microphone neither. Speakers have bad 5.1 configuration and the program itself cant be opened. Via drivers are fu****g s**t and there are several threads on the internet on how to fix it, but they are 2 years old, for win8.1. Btw, even after 4 diferend drivers its not working and now, after installation, they dont show up. Only "driver" i have now is microsots "high definition audio device".
  11. @ZM Fong You have a good points. Well, I'll be buying from that www.alza.sk site, because i can get it with discound from there. (almost no tax (DPH in my langugage)). Alza is like amazon in my country.
  12. @Shanhara That would be awesome! Thanks. I have plenty of time. I'm not at the "finding" stage. I need to find the right one with good price,then i need a job in summer so i could afford it and i'll be buying it maybe in august. I just want to have a clear idea.
  13. @Shanhara Thanks for reply! I'll take it into consideration. And GL502vs was never and option cuz its not available in my country...
  14. @ZM Fong Budget 1000-1500€ and requirements same as those ntbs. But if you can get better things for that price...
  15. Hey guys! I need some advice with laptops. I'm leaving for college this summer and i need laptop that can handle gaming. (battlefield, overwatch) And graphic design work in blender, zbrush, substance, photoshop and so on. The productivity side is more important, cuz i want to learn and progress not game and fail school. Here are some laptops i found. I'm happy with the specs, its mostly about brand, thermals and those things. Here they are: NOTEBOOKS Site from my country with all of them in one place. Acer Predator Helios 300 Obsidian Black Aluminium ASUS R