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New PC Trouble - Please Help!


AMD Ryzen 5600x w/ Wraith Stealth Stock Cooler
G.Skill Trident Z Neo 32gb 2x16
EVGA RTX 3070 XC3 Ultra
WD SN-750 500gb M.2 NVMe SSD
Samsung 860 EVO 1tb SATA SSD
EVGA B5 650W 80+ Bronze Fully Modular PSU at the time of building

I wanted to say that this is my first PC and i DID flash my BIOS via USB with the motherboard out of box prior to building! (Flash itself went fine but i feel it's an important component in trying to troubleshoot)

I want to start not on the problem itself but a factor that adds to the mess, It begins during building when i ended up having to put a TON of pressure down on the CPU cooler to get the screws into the bracket so much so the cooler kept sliding on the thermal paste making it harder to line up. I heard no sounds of anything breaking as far as i could tell other than the screws on the Wraith Stealth themselves, i had watched many videos and guides on how to install it and i was aware some pressure needed to be applied, but i never saw the amount of struggle per-say in video's as i was having, who knows maybe that's just the difference of an experienced builder vs a first timer? regardless as far as building the PC goes that was my only hump but it still leads to concern regarding the CPU.

After the PC was built, when i pressed the button it came on for about half a minute, during said time frame fans lit up and the CPU cooler started spinning but all of my case fans were twitching or ticking, as if they were trying to spin but couldn't. Before the PC shut off the rear exhaust fan finally started to get spinning with the front 3 still ticking and failing to spin and i also never got a video output on the monitor. Also due to my overzealous mood of it turning on i made a HORRIBLE newbie mistake that costed me dearly in trying to figure out what it could be, i never looked at my MOBO debug LED's during the time it was on. I tried turning it on 2 more times and each time i saw a flash of lights quickly and then nothing, it never turned on after that first time so i left it and began the process of troubleshooting.

I had instantly thought power first due to the way it acted upon first start up with the fans, as well as it being the minimum recommended wattage for an RTX 3070 system and i had a partner model not an FE, paired with RGB fans RAM etc i thought it maybe pushed it over the top. So with that i thought it was enough reason to replace my PSU first and (skip forward a week) i just got in my new unit which is a Seasonic Focus GX 850w. I just put it in today and nothing happened, i made sure to check all connections and they were fine, the first time i pressed the button i heard a click sound and a very quick light somewhere and the second press absolutely nothing at all so i'm right back to where i was.

So this leads me to be completely lost right now, i don't know whether it is the MOBO or CPU, the Motherboard was fine and holding power when i was flashing it prior to building and that was a 5 minute or so process. And as far as the CPU goes as mentioned above, i'm concerned due to the uncomfortable cooler installation but there's no way for me to really know what it is and i finally decided to take here to more experienced people to help give me some opinions. My next step will be to take it apart and inspect the CPU for damage but i'm waiting for thermal paste to arrive (i don't have anything local with it), so in the meantime i figured getting some input from an experienced knowledge base wouldn't hurt.

Thank you for your time, i greatly appreciate any help or thoughts.


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