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Some keys consistently type multiple different characters

Hey people, I've got a laptop keyboard problem. As the title hints, the problem is that some keys when pressed, they type the right letter, but also some other one. These are all I found so far.

1. Pressing A or J types AJ. Always in the same order. When I hold it, it types AJAJAJAJAJ etc. This applies to all the others.
2. M or Q makes MQ
3. 0 (right numpad) or N makes N0
4. Y or TAB makes Y and TAB (this one is especially a pain in the arse - the reason why I accidentally posted this lmao)
5. ; or 6 (top numerals) makes 6;

All the others behave normally. It started yesterday when I was just browsing YouTube. The funny part is that it doesn't happen all the time. Sometimes out of nothing it just comes back to normal again, but after a while it's back again. But it doesn't change fast, it is in one state for tens of minutes to even hours.

The important part is that an external USB keyboard works perfectly fine, but I don't have much space on my desk so in the end using a broken built-in keybord is more comfortable for me lol.
I already tried different OS (Linux) - problem persisted. I tried reinstalling drivers - nothing. I tried FN + Caps Lock and FN + Num Lock trick and for a second I thought it worked, but it was probably just a coincidence. I tried unplugging peripherals and stuff but I couldn't find any correlation. I even tried to take out the key covers and clean em but that did nothing.

On the internet I stumbled upon someone who had a similar problem and they told him there could be something wrong with the pins and that he should unplug the keyboard cable and try to straighten the pins if they're bent or something. Sure, I repasted and undusted my laptop a few times so I have some experience with it, but completely removing the motherborard to reach the keyboard is like a whole another level for me. Let's say I wouldn't be exactly comfortable, so that is like a last resort for me. I also fear I'd have a hard time identifying a keyboard cable lol. Who knows, maybe this model has the cable reachable without removing the mobo, I don't know, couldn't find that info anywhere.


So what do you pros think? Any ideas? Thanks for trying to help!


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Sorry my keajyboard is broken and I acciden0tally posted it, I will edit it immediately

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By the looks of it you gonna need a new keyboard for that laptop.

mY sYsTeM iS Not pErfoRmInG aS gOOd As I sAW oN yOuTuBe. WhAt IS a GoOd FaN CuRVe??!!?

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15 minutes ago, Levent said:

By the looks of it you gonna need a new keyboard for that laptop.

Oh yeah, it looks that way, eh? Hopefully it won't come to that lol. And hey, it's repaired again, right after painful editing of my text. This keybord is a real comedian, I'm wondering how long will it stay this way lmao

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