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  1. Oh yeah, it looks that way, eh? Hopefully it won't come to that lol. And hey, it's repaired again, right after painful editing of my text. This keybord is a real comedian, I'm wondering how long will it stay this way lmao
  2. Sorry my keajyboard is broken and I acciden0tally posted it, I will edit it immediately
  3. Hey people, I've got a laptop keyboard problem. As the title hints, the problem is that some keys when pressed, they type the right letter, but also some other one. These are all I found so far. 1. Pressing A or J types AJ. Always in the same order. When I hold it, it types AJAJAJAJAJ etc. This applies to all the others. 2. M or Q makes MQ 3. 0 (right numpad) or N makes N0 4. Y or TAB makes Y and TAB (this one is especially a pain in the arse - the reason why I accidentally posted this lmao) 5. ; or 6 (top numerals) makes 6; All the others behave normally. It started yeste
  4. Hey guys, I'm planning to repaste my laptop with a liquid metal (Conductonaut) today or tomorrow, but first of all I would like to ask some questions: 1. Do I need to spread the LM completely to the edges, or is it enough for it to be spread like 1mm from the edge of the die? Because I think that having a little gap there could drastically reduce the chance of spilling, but maybe it would reduce the cooling effectiveness, I don't know. 2. Transistor protection - I unfortunately don't have a clear nail polish and can't buy one because of lockdown. I have an electrical tape, but I h