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replace raid with single nvme fresh windows

i need to build a new computer but it looks like thats a couple of months away. i currently have a sager np9873-s laptop with two m.2 in raid 0 totaling a nearly full 1tb . what i would like to do is buy a single 2tb nvme m.2, put a fresh windows install on it, copy my games and important information onto it and then plug it back into my laptop until i can put it into a new pc. i dont even know where to start in this and my searches are not bearing fruit as i dont really know what im asking for. i have access to the one laptop, a nas and 600gb left over from the two hdd in the system. the computer has some weird behaviors and the raid status from intel rst occasionally says one or more errors have been detected, which is the big reason i no longer want raid and i want a fresh windows install. any help is greatly appreciated 




1tb raid 0 ( dual m.2 512)

2 (2tb) hdd

1080 sli

2 m.2 slots

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