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Top of my screen flickers but only in Windows.

I've recently bought a new rig with a GTX 1660 Super. I have a 1080p 60Hz Monitor to use with it. I used 2 different HDMI cables and 1 DP cable but top of my screen still flickers. I've tried to record a video with OBS and see if flickering still appears on a recorded video. It does not appears in the video. Is my monitor failing or my GPU is faulty? I used this monitor on my old laptop I was using VGA and never encounter any problems. My GPU's stress test results are nothing extraordinary. Is this problem caused by my GPU or my monitor?  I've tried to uninstall my graphics driver with DDU then reinstall it but it did not solve the problem. 



My 10 min 1080p FurMark test results:


Sometimes Frametime and FPS had it's peaks like this is this a problem?


FurMark 1080p preset benchmark results:


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