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How to setup Wireguard with Edgerouter ER-X as a client? (With Mullvad as the server)

[I can attach my config file link... Here it is . My Wireguard Config file edgerouter ER-X ]

(Note I have decided to try without vlan first to see if I set it up right.)



I have installed wireguard on my ER-X, I have a vlan just to be used for wireguard.... Basically I just want to route traffic that is coming from vlan to the wireguard interface. I have set it up as two network... one is the vlan is configure to The vlan is on Eth2 with an Access Point attach to it, so in summary all devices in the AP should be routed to Wireguard.

What commands in the CLI should I use?, I'm not familiar with CLI but can follow a well written guide, most of the guides out there are set for the ER-X to be server rather than the client.

Can anyone please guide or help me in this regard?. I already know the Public key and private keys even the server (Peer's address) I just don't know what commands or structure should I follow.


Thanks in advanced

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