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Bluetooth Receiver Driver Issue "Could not start Microsoft Bluetooth Stack"

So I've had my custom built PC for about a year now and have just bough a Targus Bluetooth 4 USB Receiver. Whenever I try and install the driver however, I get an error message saying "Could not start Microsoft Bluetooth Stack. Please reboot your computer and try again. I went online and looked at a bunch of forums and people have had the same issue in the past but all of the solutions involved reinstalling current Bluetooth drivers and so on but my PC has never had a Bluetooth driver installed and when I go into device manager there is no Bluetooth section. I even went all the way and reinstalled windows but still no luck. 


If there's any details I've missed that might be useful please let me know and i appreciate any help given. I really need to get this working.



Windows 10

ASrock B450 (Bios version: P2.90, 9/11/2019)

HyperX 3333Mhz 16GB

GTX 980 4GB

AMD Ryzen 5 3600


Photos to show some details


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