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Hi, i have a pretty old pc but its enough for my needs. while im playing a game like csgo, valorant, fortnite. it runs decent ,120-150 fps but at random times in the game it freezes for about 2 to 4 seconds and i get a buzzing sound in my Headset. sometimes it starts to work again as normal after the 2 to 4 seconds but sometimes it crashes my whole pc. it used to work fine with no freezes it just recently started to freeze and its getting worse and more frequently , can somebody help me? i dont plan on buying a new pc since im a broke student. the spec are a xeon x5670, 18gb ram ddr3 1333mhz. and gtx 760 blower style from msi. could it be the temps on the old gpu? im clueless, please help me. 

edit could it be the usb ports? i have lots of devices connected to the pc. printer, controller etc..

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