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heya ppl 

just built my first pc by myself 

got all parts and got into a dilema now 

my motherboard is ASUS strix gaming -E 

and cpu is AMD 5950X


no not many vendors where i am so cant find any brand 

my cpu fan is NH-D15 SE-AM4


wanted a low profile memory to fit with both fans of the cpu cooler and only good solution i found sold here is CMK128GX4M4D3600C18

that is corsair LPX 3600   128GB


that is not on the suported mem list and was hoping anyone tried it and knows if it works 



no idea why fond here getting smaller and smaller :P






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128 gig got im using most of my 64 gig atm on virtual machines , so wanted to get bit more on my new one :)


the thing is after i buy the mem i cant return it thats why im worried it wont work well  

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