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  1. will call it a day for now , got kids at home that makes me crazy as it is without adding timing expirimants btw bought that mem only for its the only low profile sold here on a 128gb kit no way i will use liquid cooling so had to get those to get the cpu fan i wanted heheh well thank u all u guys helped me so much ! now only to install like 10000 games back on steam and im set to go ^^
  2. @-rascal- ok lowered to 3533MHz - same problem then to 3466 - seems ok now for the system went up so fast i had no time to see the speed so via windows just noticed its 3466 like i set it on bios what is that means tho ? i will be stuck on this speed now ? for if so i feel silly for not taking lower speed mem with better CL
  3. @-rascal- im using Version 2802 thought it wont be safe to try the beta.... u think i better update to the latest one ? or try the manual change first ?
  4. @CommanderAlex ok did that again started the DOCP same thing so i had to manual boot it and on the black screen it still shows only 2133MHz when i go into the bios i can see the DOCP still on but now can't leave the bios lol no idea why it still wont show the full speed on the black screen nor whats his deal with keeping me inside the bios
  5. @CommanderAlex did and now for some reason insted of restarting the system its like restarting the bios back into the bios cant leave it lol i click save and restart it just go back auto into bios or if i leave without saving (for did no change after so nohting to save ) again going back into the bios or more to say wont leave the bios lol
  6. @CommanderAlex no XMP on bios what i did found on the Ai Tweaker is if i change the overclock tuner from Auto to something named D.O.C.P it opens a new line under with "D.O.C.P DDR4-3597 18-22-22-42-1.3 5V" no idea if thats what u ment
  7. @Minicoop sorry didn't think about that option hmmmm i changed there to 3600 the pc did a restart few times and then went up in safe mod seems he didn't like me changing the speed manualy hehe
  8. just got into the bios on the Ai Tweaker i have an option to set the speed manualy is it ok to set it to 3600 there ?
  9. hey guys so i made a new setup cpu 5950X motherboard Asus X570 Gaming-E and 128GB or ram - corsair vengeance 3600MHz just done updating the bios and noticed that indeed all ram is located (was worried about that part) so it shows i have 131072MB but the speed , it shows (DDR4-2133) any idea why it wont show the 3600? thank u
  10. 128 gig got im using most of my 64 gig atm on virtual machines , so wanted to get bit more on my new one the thing is after i buy the mem i cant return it thats why im worried it wont work well
  11. heya ppl just built my first pc by myself got all parts and got into a dilema now my motherboard is ASUS strix gaming -E and cpu is AMD 5950X no not many vendors where i am so cant find any brand my cpu fan is NH-D15 SE-AM4 wanted a low profile memory to fit with both fans of the cpu cooler and only good solution i found sold here is CMK128GX4M4D3600C18 that is corsair LPX 3600 128GB that is not on the suported mem list and was hoping anyone tried it and knows if it works p.s no idea why fond here gettin