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question about Rackeable Case

Hi, I wanted to ask you if an asus rtx 2070 gaming oc and a true spirit 140 power heatsink can be installed in some of these rackeable cases. 








Well, if you can help me very grateful in advance.



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1 hour ago, DG House said:

Asus RTX 2070 - 300 x 130 x 49 mm https://rog.asus.com/de/graphics-cards/graphics-cards/rog-strix/rog-strix-rtx2070-o8g-gaming-model/spec/

Heat Sink - L155 mm x W53.4 mm x H171.2 mm http://thermalright.com/product/true-spirit-140-power/


the case - Altura x Ancho x Largo: 177 mm x 483 mm x 480 mm


looks good but my spanish isnt really existing ^^



Thank you very much. This case looks like it won't have good airflow, that's the only thing that makes me doubt about these cases. 

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