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  1. I think I'll stick with the Cooler Master Silencio S400 is reasonably priced and suits my needs even if in future upgrades I limit myself to micro atx boards.or maybe I'll stick with the corsair 100r and spend more money on the motherboard.
  2. I found a used Nzxt H440, I think I'll go for that one. What do you think?
  3. that has support for 4 hard disks, that has support to install an atx board at some point, that has at least 165mm of space for the cpu cooler, that is eye-catching or pleasing to the eye and that has a good airflow. I forgot it should have enough space for the rtx graphics cards.
  4. the Cooler Master Silencio S400 is within my budget but limits me in future upgrades to micro atx boards. What do you think?
  5. the cougar meets my expectations but let's see if there is something from a better known brand, it doesn't matter if the budget is 1000 pesos more.
  6. Thank you very much, but in the specifications it says this 3.5" or 2.5" Drive capacity 2 Dedicated 2.5" drive capacity 3 it seems to me that it does not have capacity for 4 mechanical hard drives.
  7. Hi, I currently have a corsiar 100r and it is quite ugly although it meets my expectations but it is still ugly. What I am looking for is with a budget of 15 thousand argentine pesos is a case that looks nice with four hdd holders, that is the only condition I put. I know that currently there are very few cases that meet the 4 hdd but that's what I'm looking for. To upgrade the motherboard I have already decided but not the case because I have my doubts about which one to choose. So I ask you if you can help me in this search. Thank you very much in advance. Translated with www.DeepL.com/
  8. hello i currently have a r5 3600 and i wonder if for gaming which is what i spend most of my time on, isn't the intel core i5 9600kf better? Is it worth spending money for this new/old processor for gaming?
  9. Hello, after installing my new m2 disk the pc is as if it was thinking all the time, it should be clarified that this did not happen to me when I had installed the other ssd in a sata port with the sata cable. Also the bios does not recognize me in nvme I guess because it is sata. The question is what makes the light as if he was thinking all the time the computer is on all the time after having installed the new disk and installed windows 10. Thank you very much in advance. Best regards.
  10. the characteristics are these 180 GB, M.2 80 mm SATA 6 Gb / s, 20 nm, MLC then it would be a type2280?
  11. as I was looking at the m2 port only has 2 slots and the disk has 3 connectors, how is that difference?
  12. Hi all, I have a Gigabyte B450M DS3H V2 motherboard and I wanted to ask if the SSDSCKKF180H6H disk is compatible with my motherboard. Thank you very much in advance. Best regards.