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Small cheap mic

I ain't no streamer. And I ain't spending 100 quid just so others can hear my voice better because it don't benefit me lol.


I was looking at rode lavalier mics just bit thought there is probably some better way I can spend my money.


Needs to be small. No desk mounted thing or arm. Needs to be cheap. I would spend 50 quid on a rode lavalier maybe but I've been using a 5 quid mic so far which has worked fine but I need something just slightly better as it's quiet and clips all the time. Ideally wanna spend like maybe 10-20 quid and don't mind searching used market for a deal.


What do you recommend.

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its not too expensive, but not too cheap either. a really nice mix between the two.



but if you want something even cheaper then this is always an option.


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i cant english apprently
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