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PLEASE help me figure out a monitor upgrade with my current setup🤷‍♂️

Hi everyone, 


PLEASE help me figure out what monitor to upgrade to considering my current setup.


I have a Crossover 1440p 144hz monitor ( in portrait mode )  from Linus's video back in 2017 and a Asus vg259qm 1080p 280hz monitor.


I bought the Asus for competitive FPS but I got accepted into college shortly after so my circumstances have changed a bit. In my program we're dealing with a lot of color accurate work ( editing photos, graphic design, next semester video editing etc ) 


As of right now, the Asus is my main monitor with the Crossover in portrait mode on the side for watching my classes videos and following along on my main monitor and ngl I do not like the way I'm utilizing my monitors right now because 1: videos or programs look small in portrait mode and 2: I do not play competitive fps anymore so I'm not taking advantage of the 280hz refresh rate and my setup just looks weird LOL. 


Anyway, considering my current setup and the need of two monitors for productivity, what should I upgrade here? I was gonna sell the Asus and get a Dell S2721DGF so it matches my Crossover in resolution and hz AND has great color accuracy but even then I'm not so sure if it would be an upgrade.


Should I ditch the dual monitor setup and go with an ultra wide? or should I get a 4K 144hz like the 27GN950-B ( I have a 1080ti as of rn ) or should I wait as a whole because there might be something better coming by the end of the year. 


It's all just so overwhelming and I don't know what to do anymore 😕 LOL.


My PC: 

Ryzen 3900x 

32gb G skill trident z 3200 cl14

Aorus 1080ti 

Msi x570 tomahawk 

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