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[MALAYSIA] [Shopee Mall] Cheap LG IPS 75Hz 21.5" display

This monitor is the cheapest new IPS display which I can find - its RM299 (shipping included), I don't expect it to blow me away in terms of quality and features, according to the website it has:

- Freesync

- It's 75Hz

- It's IPS

That's about it, I'm getting it for my dad - this is probably super entry level, but it's the cheapest I could find.


AT THE TIME OF WRITING -> This deal will last about another hour, I only recently discovered this.



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The only alternative to this is the LF22T350FHEXXM from samsung - its priced at 309 (shipping not included), but I'm a fan of this monitor's chassis design (considering all sides will be seen in the living room)

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This deal is officially over, it is now 00:00 25/10/20 in Malaysia

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