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Compatible vesa mount

Alright so, I own a 29" ultrawide monitor and I'm planing on purchasing a  second 27" one. I also have limited desk space, so I was looking into dual arm mounts. 
So, the question is: will a 27" vesa mount be compatible with my setup, or do I need to step it up to a 32"? 

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I would check the length of the arm itself to be sure, but usually it will still work. Make sure to also check the weight of your monitors and what the arm can take. Personally I wouldn't pair a 29" with a 27" though, the height difference just looks weird imo. A 29" ultrawide has the same height as a regular 24" which would look much better. 

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I would suggest using a dual monitor mount rated for at least 30" monitors, and to be sure the monitors can align, a stand with independently adjustable arms may be a good idea.

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