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Air flow problems


Hello everyone!


I will try to be as straight to the point as possible but it might be a little confusing. The attatched photo will probably help.


Here is the situation. My pc has 2 fans in front and one in the back.

At the back, there is also a 'neutral' 'aeration grill' (or whatever it's called).

The front fans can be hiden by a panel that you can close so it looks better. In that case, the air comes in through two 'aeration grill' on the sides of the panel.

You can see all of this on the photo.


the problem:

If the front panel is closed, the dust builds up  on the OUTER side of the back side 'neutral aeration grill'. That means air is coming in.

If the panel is open, the dust buil up  on the INNER side of the back side of that same 'neutral aeration grill'.


Makes sense so far?


I suppose the front fans don't push enough air in when the panel is closed and a small air flow is created at the back between this neutral grill and the fan.

I feel like I should try to correct this, but I'm not sure how.


This case also have a neutral aeration at the bottom and on the other side panel. That last one can be closed oand opened. There is also the possibility to add fans at the top. From what i've seen, that place is made for a water cooling system.


If you have any thaughts and ideas, let me know!

thank you all in advance,


Have a great day!


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When running a stress test or gaming feel the air inside the case (making sure the side panel was on while gaming or stress test). Is it really hot? not slightly warm but decently hot. if so then you might need more airflow. positive or negative airflow aside increasing airflow will fly off a hill in terms of being beneficial. Remember the blowmatron Linus tech tips video. 

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Your case front intake is restrictive enough that the exhaust fan in rear is pulling air by the PCI slots when your front panel is on. When it's off you are at positive case pressure.


What are your temps?


If you want to run the front panel, you might need better front fans. Air is supposed to come in through the sides of the front panel but... Its restrictive. Are the fans sealed so they have to suck air from outside? Or can air inside the case bypass around the fan and get sucked back in?


You can add a fan or two to the top if you are running hot. That's what I would try first anyway.

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