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  1. ok that's good to know... I'll look it up. But prices tend to climb pretty fast...
  2. hello all, hope you are well! So even though I don't want to pay for it, it's always a pleasure to make research to buy a computer. I live in France and I plan to spend no more than 600€ for a laptop that she wil use for streaming series, edit photos and don't forget!!! I buy it so she can do her homework!!! "but of course dad!!"... She does some photography so phtotoshop will be installed... My main question is: is it a good time to buy a laptop? I haven't been watching to much of the ltt videos lately but I've heard a few weeks back that a lot of things were chan
  3. Hello everyone! I will try to be as straight to the point as possible but it might be a little confusing. The attatched photo will probably help. Here is the situation. My pc has 2 fans in front and one in the back. At the back, there is also a 'neutral' 'aeration grill' (or whatever it's called). The front fans can be hiden by a panel that you can close so it looks better. In that case, the air comes in through two 'aeration grill' on the sides of the panel. You can see all of this on the photo. the problem: If the front panel is closed,
  4. That site is very cool but are tere any sites tat work the same but where they can actually build the pc from the parts you picked?
  5. fan-tas-tique!! Merici beaucoup pour ton aide!
  6. thank you for your reply! I'm lookin for a site with a "pc builder" option... like this site in France; https://www.topachat.com/pages/configomatic.php it lets you choose every part you need and tells you the price and it only shows the parts that are compatible to the parts already selected
  7. Hello everyone! I live in France and my mom, who still lives in Montreal, asked me tips to buy a new pc. As a good son, I will help here but I dont know where to search to find good pc parts for good prices. Here in France, there are many websites where you can choose the parts you want to build a pc yourself, or they can build it up for you. They all have a éconfig builder" tool where you choose your parts one by one and see the price being updated in real time. I'm here today to ask you what are the sites that offer the same service in Canada. If you guys could give me