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LAN weird speed throttle


So It's about a pretty basic LAN setup. In terms of networking infrastructure all we have is a modem (Cisco) and a router (Ralink). 

In terms of devices I've connected 1-3 laptops, 1-2 phones via wi-fi, 1 laptop via Ethernet. 

The issue: When using Windows shared folders (to transfer files between all the devices, which would be considerably faster than any other method, except for usb attachables), the transfer speed is abominable. 1 to 5 MB/s (or up to 40 Mbps) which is 2 times slower than the internet speed. What could cause this? I've tried various settings, reseting stuff, nothing helped.

If I'm still sane, there's literally no way, your INTRAnet transfer speed would be way slower than your INTERnet transfer speed...this internal link should be 100+ Mbps, at worst I'd expect it to be as fast as the internet speed (if it were to be bottlenecked by the router). All devices have SSDs so it's not about writing/reading speed. They are way faster than that.

I can utilize 100+ Mbps of internet speed, but inbetween devices inside the LAN it's literally 2x slower...go figure. 

If anyone has ideas, please share and thank you! :)


P.S. Yes, i've ran speedtests via WI-Fi it's not bottlenecked by the wireless part of the connection. everything is fast, except for transfering inbetween devices.

And yes I've tried rotating different combinations of devices on and off to see if it's throttled by a number of established connections, etc.

Also tried running everything wired. Same result.


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Well there could be many reasons other than network issues:

1. Are you trying to transfer files between 2 Windows Shared folders or between one windows shared folder and local disk

2. Are you running antivirus, end point protection software on the machines (source, destination)

3 When you do the transfer and see slow speed run "Resource monitor" on both machines and check utilization of CPU and HDD

4. When you say Windows shared folders are you using a mapped drive or //<machine name>/Path approach

5. Are both machines on the same Workgroup/Domain

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