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Can´t install amd video driver.


Hi everyone, I've been having a really annoying issue with my Samsung laptop wich stop operating my dedicated graphics card. It a NP870Z5E with an I7-3635QM, 8GB ram, HD Radeon 8870M. I have the latest version of windows (1909) (x64 home) but the problem starts a long time ago, probably a year or more. As soon as windows is booting it crashes with just a black screen, no blue screen or error, just the black screen. I realized it was the dedicated graphics card when by luck disabled it in secure mode and windows boot again normally with intel graphic hd 4000. i thought it was a driver issue but it wasn't. i replace the Hdd for an ssd. did a clean install, fully windows updated and for last, installing the latest AMD software only to crash during installation. Clean install just using windows update, crashes. Installing recommended Samsung OEM drivers also crashes. Disabling both intel and amd graphics and installing separately crashes with just the AMD graphics. about that time I assumed the problem was not software related and was time to replace the mobo (I really like this laptop), ordered one, install it, works perfect until guess what... AMD software installation. I've spent almost a week reading post, Amd forums trying to figure out what might be wrong but nothing has worked for me. I really really hope you guys would help me. Thx in advance for your time.


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