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M.2 Flex in riser card


Hi all


Just wondering if I should be concerned at the flex of my M.2 NVMe SSD in the riser card of my Crossfire Impact board. See pics attached. My thoughts are that the thermal pads may soften up with heat and so the SSD may straighten out?





enclosure not closed


enclosure closed with screws




Gaming/Engineering PC: -i7 6700K, 4-4.2GHz "Eleanor" -ASUS ROG HERO VIII MOBO -16GB DDR4 3000MHz Corsair (2x8GB) -Gigabyte Windforce 980Ti OC edition (1405MHz GPU clock) -H110i GT Corsair CPU Water cooler -980GB Sandisk Ultra II SSD -Corsair 450D ATX Case -RM850i Corsair PSU (Modular) -28” 4K Samsung -27” 1080p Samsung 

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22 minutes ago, iWearKiltz said:


That's not correct, you need different thickness of thermal pads over the chips since the NAND and controller are not in the same level plane. 

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