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Monitor buying advice


I have these shortlisted and would like to know your opinions on which is best for the price and the display quality / experience in working (coding and text) and watching movies.
How important is the curve in ultrawide? i dont know the lc power company but looks nice so i included it.
LG 34" 34WL500-B - 280 €  https://cutt.ly/nyEh63y
LC Power 29 " - 310 €  https://cutt.ly/YyEjw8c
Samsung S34J550 34" - 350 €  https://cutt.ly/ayEjrWY
or i should just get
LG 29WK500-P for 180 for now as monitor prices are high and wait for something better https://cutt.ly/CyEjt5Z
I have ordered Lenovo 31.5" G32qc-10 for 300 but i can return it (having buyers remorse lol and thinking i should go ultrawide. https://cutt.ly/fyEjuiC
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