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Help with AIO/fans/ram placement

Hi all,


I was hoping you could help me figure out where to put my fans for the best airflow, since I have a few unorthodox requirements for placement.


- My case is the Meshify C

- I have an h100i AIO, which blocks the RAM slots when mounted on top, so the AIO has to go on front.

- The AIO has 2x120mm MLs

- Other fans I have are 1x120mm LL, and 2x140mm LL

- I'd like the lighting to look nice, but of course that's secondary to good airflow


With these requirements, I've developed a weird sort of arrangement. I decided to use the 140mm fans for intake due to volume, and the only space I could mount them was from the top, so I have intake on the top. Then to balance, I have the 120mm LL on the rear and the 120mm MLs on the front radiator, both exhausting. So I sort of have a intake on top, exhaust split on both sides arrangement. I know this is unorthodox, though, and I'm not sure about how well it'll work. 


Any other ideas, such as maybe using 140's for exhaust and intaking on both sides? I'm hoping to retain a fairly balanced, positive pressure at rest setup, taking into account the fact that the AIO fans might not be running all the time but max out at higher RPM than the LL's.



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