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Many weird pc problems


Gpu might be struggling dont know will update post after ive done more testing in games

MSI afterburner no longer showing any gpu stats

Hardware monitor not showing any fan speeds at all

Using hwininfo64 and then attempting to check any sensors will make windows freeze no bsod just hard lock and needs a power reset


the only "mod" or change i have done so far that is "major" is installing a hackintosh that i previously had on this pc before i bricked the install by updating it like a regular mac.

also ive reset all bios settings to defaults but after doing that i changed ram speed back to 3600mhz 

SPECS are as follows:


i7 9700k @ stock for now  with Liquid metal as well with a 360mm liquid cooling rad and 6 fans was being used at 5ghz for a while didnt push past that 

gtx 1080ti with NZXT g10 or 12 liquid cooling mod with liquid metal (LQM might be the issue but i dont know honeslty havent taken it apart yet.) rad is a 120mm corsair liquid cooler forgot the name 

many hard drives ranging from 2tb to 3tb like at least 12 4 ssds of varying size and 2 m.2 drives

1000w gold plus psu EVGA g2 

32gb ddr4 3600mhz 

several fans at least like 15 honestly 

case thermaltake view 91

several pcie sata port cards varying brands mostly just io tech and one random ebay one all are 2 port cards execpt for one which is 4 but wont work with 4 so i just use 2 sata ports on it

asus z370 e motherboard with updated bios support for i7 9700k



DDU and reinstalling drivers

Tried sfc scannow and dism windows health fix commands since ive had corrupted windows files in the past that made me bsod often in the past but both pass with no corrupted files / all fixed

Tried reinstalling programs that are shown below to no avail


Was doing:

Modern warfare campaign and the mission would be on a forever loading screen even after 2 restarts of the game only here was when my pc started to act up

had sever apps open such as steam spotify discord chrome batlle net razer synapse


Any suggestions and help would be much apprecaited.







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Quick update so i managed to fix the msi afterburner problem it seems that i had to disable a setting that i never changed myself called enable low level io driver and after the restart of the app it showed my msi with my gpu stats. As for hardware monitor not showing fan speeds it seems that Riot VANGAURD is the fu**king issue i saw this video randomly after searching for solutions to this problem and i saw the post date of this video and it was way to recent and one of the solutions was quit out of riot vanguard. As for the freezing when using hwinfo 64 i havent tried it nor do i think i will havent tried playing games yet but will do in a few after doing a few more checks and tests. I love playing league i never thought that its anti cheat system would go this far into causing my troubles gonna have to reconsider playing valorant now.




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