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5V to 12V?


Hi all,


I fairly recently installed my custom loop into my system. Everything went splendid, aside from the fact I found out the GPU block connects with a female D-RGB connector to a male D-RGB connector to my motherboard, as my motherboard (ASUS B450-F GAMING) only has 2x 12V RGB headers on there and no 5V ports.


My initial solution was to get the deepcool rgb convertor.


Sadly, this little converter is available absolutely nowhere (at least nowhere near in or near my country, unless I'm willing to pay royal amounts worth of shipping) so there's no real chance of me actually getting my hands on it.


Then I saw a post on a forum saying the Phanteks RGB Adapter can be used to connect 5V case lighting:
But after further inspection I'm not entirely sure if I can really use this at all, even if I were to get male-male D-RGB pin connectors to plug it in the rgb strip connector. (I didn't really manage to find a clear answer about this cable anywhere online.)


My question remains then, does anybody here know a cable / converter to which I can hook up a 5V female D-RGB connector which then plugs into a 4 pin AURA header on my board,? I really want to sync the lighting between my motherboard, ram and gpu block which is why I need it to be some kind of converter so it can plug into my 4 pin on my motherboard.

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2 minutes ago, CircleTech said:

I mean you could just make one of these.


By the looks of it, these things are just DC to DC 12v to 5v converters that pass the RGB signal untouched (hence the reason breathing mode doesn't work with some boards). But you'd have to solder. I would guess you don't want to do that.


Scratch that. Data lines are different.


12v RGB headers use a +12v signal, R, G, and B. A 5v signal for lighting uses +5v, GND, and a data signal. You need some kind of adapter like the ones you mentioned, which you already figured out.


You seem just need a one electrical cable to another adapter. Do you mean like this?




What is the model of your GPU block? That would help.



That cable wouldn't work as it would just extend the 5V signal instead of converting it to a 12V which I need to have so I can plug it into my motherboard.


I got the aluminum loop from EK. EK-Fluid Gaming A240 and the block is the EK-AC GeForce RTX D-RGB.

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2 hours ago, CircleTech said:

Because if that's the case, I couldn't find any adapter in existance (other than the deepcool one) that will do that. I DID find adapters which will do 5v Digital signal to 12v analog, but you need a 12v analog to 5v digital converter, and I don't think that exists anywhere else except the deepcool one. Other people on the forum have had the exact same problems with your motherboard. They just bought the deepcool adapter:



That means you have a few choices. 


Bite the bullet and just buy the expensive Deepcool adapter. 


Return your ASUS motherboard, and buy one with 5v digital RGB headers. 


Buy a new GPU block with 12v analog RGB embedded inside. 


Just forget being able to sync your RGB with asus's software, and use an external 5v RGB led controller.

Thanks for the answer, I guess I'll just get the deepcool adapter cus ive spent enough money on the computer already anyways.

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