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Ipad confusion


Which ipad should i get the ipad air or pro 2nd generation. I fear that pro 2nd generation might not get software updates after some time.

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With the air you're losing a better, smoother display, the quad-speakers, and the camera (lol).

With the pro you're losing on a better processor, the better price, and the chance to be dropped out of updates after some time (that time though won't be soon).


I suspect that you mean the 10.5 iPad Pro. If you mean the 12.9, then you should consider whether you really need that extra screen real estate.


Aside from the display size, which is depended on your needs, I would go for the iPad Air, it's a much better value in my opinion. The 120Hz screen is nice, but you won't miss it if you haven't had it before, and the speakers are better yes, but for the money you save with the air, you can buy a Bluetooth speaker with far better audio quality.

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2nd Gen Pro > Air 3, if both are similar priced  (with same storage).


Air 3 has a 20% faster CPU.
But Pro 2nd Gen has a 40% faster GPU. And it doesn't stop there.

MUCH nicer 120 Hz Screen, better Cameras (document scanning?), better speakers, and MORE RAM.


It makes sense, that the Pro will receive less updates, because it's 2 years older. However, i do not believe that, because of 2 reasons:
- It is a PRO. Not a "consumer" model. There is a chance, Apple will give it some kind of extra support, just because it has the Pro label on it.

- It has 4gb Ram vs. only 3gb Ram on the Air. In the Past, iPhones were dropped just because they had less Ram. You can see, that 2 Generations of iPhones droped Support at the exact same time. The older one receiving 1 more Update than the younger one.


I believe, these 2 points, but at least the Ram aspect will "counter" the Age difference.


But naturally, this is just speculation of my part.

As a 10,5" Pro Owner myself, i would not even trade it for a brandnew, unopened Air 3 with same storage, if i could. Even if you give me 50€ to do so, i would decline.
120 Hz and stereo speakers give you just a SO much better user experience.
Even if i end up missing 1 last Update, the Air 3 might get, i would not do it.



And, depending on what you want to do...

If you want to draw using procreate, 2nd gen Pro it is. More Ram = More Layers.

And even without that, you can notive 4gb Ram vs. 3gb Ram on iOS.

Yes, iOS is very efficient. But 4gb Ram can still hold more Apps open than 3gb. If you do alot multitasking, you will notice it.

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I'm putting in another recommendation for the second gen pro, A10X is still more than capable for most people and the quad speakers and promotion display are far too nice to give up. 


I had a 10.5 inch before I upgraded and it was a fantastic iPad. The air is a watered down version of it and apart from the upgraded processor doesnt have any other benefits over the Pro.

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