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  1. So I'm better off doing both. Actually good idea on the cable joining thing, I should have thought about it. And since they are coax cables it would be pretty easy. I'll look into it. Thanks!
  2. Yes this laptop is good, especially if you go with the ryzen version. I don't see anything that would prohibit Linux. If you like it go for it!
  3. Maybe check the Lenovo Flex lineup, they have some really good pieces over there. Since I don't know your budget, or your country's price ranges and discount sites, I can't say a lot of things, but generally look for Lenovo, Asus, and Acer laptops. HP and Dell have some weird stuff going on in their BIOS, especially HP. Dell actually has some laptops running Linux, so maybe check them out, however I tend towards the first three.
  4. Your laptop reaches high temps only when gaming? For example if you open, say, Word and a browser and load 3 YT videos on the browser, will it hit 80-90 or will it stay under that? If it gets really hot only when gaming it's probably because of your environment, menacing warm weather and dust accumulation. If it get that hot in other circumstances then something's off... Also is there any specific performance profile enabled? My laptop doesn't have settings like that, but most other laptops do, maybe check that out.
  5. It is a little warm to be frank. The near 100 degrees is not advised but let’s say “normal” when gaming, not on a brand new laptop tho. Also the ideas temps are also toasty. I get less than 60 on my 5 yo Alienware at idle. Firstly check your background processes, either from the task manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc and then choose “more details”) or from the task tray (the little upwards arrow on the bottom right in the taskbar). If many apps start during booting see what those apps are and disable all of them (or leave just the ones you deem absolutely necessary) from the taskbar agai
  6. I have an Alienware 13 R3 with a busted antenna cable (see pic). The male UFL connector is missing, and as such I have unstable and unusable Bluetooth. Before you ask, no I didn't do it and it did not came like this from Dell, I bought it refurbished/used and it was this way from the beginning. I didn't mind all this time, but I've been fixing a lot of things on the laptop and I want to get this over with as well. Also, it is not a software issue, I've tried many things but to no avail. It is certainly a hardware problem. Now I've seen that I can replace the connector, there is a
  7. I actually am on 1.10.0, not 1.12.0🥲 maybe I’ll try downgrading to 1.9 and then to 1.8?
  8. So I’ve just tried it multiple times with version 1.8.0. At first I would get an error message saying that ROM image signature is invalid, which was gone when I plugged the USB in the usb C port on the right using a dongle. But again every time I have the same problem I had before. After the “writing main block” task is done, it goes to “EC firmware Update”, and when this is done it all goes off abruptly. It spontaneously shows a message that I don’t have time to read (it’s like for one frame’s duration), the screen goes off, and the laptop restarts. In videos I see that other p
  9. Thanks a lot! I'll persist more this time now that I know someone actually made it. Not a lot of people have 13 R3s and most answers I got weren't that helpful, so I really appreciate it!
  10. Thanks, however I have tried that but it did not work on me. I have actually tried different versions of this solution, and all I would get would be either a message that I cannot downgrade the bios, or the bios installation would just quit after the "EC firmware update" progress bar. This tutorial was for an area 51m if I recall correctly? The USB port configuration described is different than the one in the 13 R3. Truth be told I've only tried to do the update from one USB port, maybe I'll try it again using another port just in case it makes a difference. Did you try this method?
  11. Hello there. I've posted before about my laptop, and I'm thinking of hard flashing an older BIOS version using ch314a because there is no other way to downgrade. I want to downgrade because Dell doesn't allow undervolting in newer BIOS versions because of some Intel security issue, but my laptop which I bought for 1.500 euros is now less performant than the tower I built for my mother for 200 euros because of overheating... For the time being I want to see if I have correctly located the BIOS chip, and then I'll see for model number and whether I can actually do the job
  12. Depending on your project, the GPU utilization can be really high. I've trained a simple GAN for I2IT and it would take 12GB of VRAM off the GPU. I would suggest leaving the GPU to train so as to not cripple training time. If you really gotta use the computer maybe try opening e.g. your browser for youtube using your integrated graphics if your CPU has. But again the CPU is also used during training.
  13. So the DAC finally arrived, and only 2 hours before I would be eligible for a refund *sigh*. I can't say that I regret the purchase. The sound is really better on my laptop, my over-ears are driven better and the channel separation is more defined. Also I notice more detail in the mid-low and the mid-highs. And all of that is dialled to 11 when I connect it to my phone. Especially my over-ears were really lacking there before, the difference is night and day. Now I don't know if I could get the same or better results with a cheaper alternative, which I probably could've, but I'm
  14. This seems like a more in-depth solution. It might just work, however I am a little skeptical, I'd hate if I bricked my device. When things calm down with the pandemic here I'll try to buy one and see if I can make it. Thanks! If anyone else has any other clue please share!
  15. Hello there, I've posted before for this issue, but I really insist on fixing it. Dell doesn't allow normal downgrading of the bios for their alienware laptops, making them high-wattage toasters destined to heat death. However some people managed to figure it out. Force downgrade Alienware Area-51m Bios (or any alienware) to locked lower versions | NotebookReview This guy seems to have made it, but for me and for other users (as seen in the comments) it doesn't work. For me personally, while I'm 100% sure I've followed the exact same procedure step by step cor