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Unicomp Model M GER layout dead combinations?


So yesterday I finally received my new Unicomp Model M which at first seemed to work completely fine. Today I discovered while coding in VIsual Studio that I wasn't able to type the closing curly and squared braces ("}" and "] ").

So first I assumed it might be that the keyboard got damaged in shipping and the keys might be dead. For anyone unfamiliar with the german layout to type these braces you need ALTGR + 9 or 0.

But then I realised that the 9 and 0 keys are working completely fine. Also the ALTGR key is fine as I need it to type "@ " (ALTGR + Q on my layout). Also typing the corresponding opening braces {[ works fine (ALTGR + 7 or 8 on my layout). Of course I already tried other programs like my browser search bar and notepad which show the same behaviour not registering the closing braces.


I also made sure I pressed every key by now and I'm pretty sure that there are no dislodged keys or trapped springs from shipping anymore. I also wasn't able to find anything about ghosting regarding the combinations.


Does anyone has any idead how to proceed debugging this problem? I am currently out of ideas.

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I have a similar problem with my Unicomp Model M. Did you find a solution?

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