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Powerline Adaptor to PC Cutting Off

Hi all,


I have a weird issue. I tried searching for it, but couldn't find any topics, just slightly related and very old.
I have powerline adaptors sprinkled throughout the house. I have two sets:

TP-Link TL-PA4020 2-Port, which serves as the main connector (the one right next to the modem), with its partner as the connector for the PS4s and other devices at one end of the room
TP-Link TL-PA4010, of which I only use one. It's paired with the main connector near the modem, and it's connected to my PC at the other end of the room.

Both adaptors are on the bottom floor and on the same circuit.


And they work great. I think my problem is with my PC.
Basically, every now and again, my internet would just stop working and then, after about 4 or 5 minutes it would start again. I used to think it was because of my provider, but whenever my PC internet cut off, the wifi and the internet for the devices on the other end of the room would still work great. So I thought it was the actual adaptor that was giving me troubles (it might still be, but that's why I'm a bit perplexed). But I switched it with the other one for a while and it worked great on the other end of the room. And then I realised something:

It only happens when there's an idle period on my PC. So for instance: if I'm playing online games with an active connection, it never drops. If I'm downloading or uploading, again, it never drops. But as soon as I stop using the internet actively, while editing or watching YouTube or Netflix (because they buffer the video a few minutes ahead) it drops.

So, I can only assume that as soon as my PC stops receiving or sending data through the ethernet, it just cuts it off. Maybe for power reasons? I don't know. Is this something I can change?
It gets really annoying when I have to wait for the internet to come back because I watched a long video on YouTube or listened to random songs on Spotify.

Is there a little batch file I can write that would just ping the modem every now and again to wake the connection up? Or is there a very simple solution but I'm too blind?

Thank you very much!

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2 minutes ago, MTey said:


Do you have powerhungry electronics on the same net?

I have drops when both the washingmachine and dryer are on.

It seems very unlikely your internet would drop because you're not using it as there is always little traffic.


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I do, yes.

But that's the thing. I know of one instance where my flatmate, his girlfriend and I were all using the internet in the same room (this is when I realised it might be the PC), and my other flatmate was in the kitchen, where the modem & parent adaptor is.

The GF's laptop was connected to the 2-port adaptor and she was using it to download some footage from wetransfer, my flatmate was playing CoD:WWII on his PS4, connected to the same 2-port adaptor, and I was just watching like a 2h speedrun. My other flatmate was watching something in the kitchen while making food.

So the electric circuit was quite overloaded. But their internet was completely fine, while mine cut off.

I'm also confident that I have been playing online while the washing machine was on, but to be fair, I was the only one using the internet powerline adaptors at that time. I will do another test when I put some laundry on.

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