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Why am i not able to enable my Extensions in Firefox?

My Lastpass and Hotspot Shield Vpn are not allwing me to enable them, they are stuck at Downloaded. HELP!



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1) You'd need to type "about:support" in the address bar and open it.
2) Under Application BasicsProfile Folder, click the Open Folder button.
This would open a folder where your Firefox profile data is managed.

3) Look for extensions folder and open it.

4) If there is any folder inside it (usually named "staged"), delete it. Delete these two files, if they exist:

  • support@lastpass.com.xpi
  • hotspot-shield@anchorfree.com.xpi

NOTE: Before deleting any of the files/folders, close all instances of Firefox.

5) Choose either one of the following.

5.a ) Manual installation 

  • Download LastPass and Hotspot Shield addon files from the attachment.
  • Copy both of the downloaded files to the same extensions folder.
  • Start Firefox. It might warn you about enabling the extensions.
  • Click the menu button (shaped like this ≡, on the top tight corner), click on each addon and enable them when you're prompted.

5.b ) Normal installation
Install the extensions online, like you normally do.
It would be installed correctly.




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