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FreeSync Issue?


I have a Omen 144hz 1ms 24 inch monitor & when I press the buttons on the back I adjust it to level 4 speed & freesync on. The problem is I don't wan't freesync & I have no other option that keeps that same image quality. The other options dim down the screen to orange & low light stuff. Whats the problem? I don't know if my GPU disable it since its a nvidia GPU, if it doesn't I wanna find a way to turn it off. The reason is stupid but I experience input lag.

(Also when I turn freesync on it puts the response time on level 3 & I set it to level 4 because level 5 creates high levels of ghosting & when I turn while playing game everything's red.) (By the way isn't level 5 the highest speed or am I going down in speed?) 




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