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Preferences missing from group policy editor


I attempted to solve this issue with my client PCs, but ran into this issue along the way.


One of the client PCs is a fresh installation of Windows 10 pro 64bit as well.


I just want to change recreate to update. Why am I missing preferences on all of my computers?

Can someone please help me?

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It looks like "preferences" was intended for earlier versions running on a domain controller (GPMC console, not the local gpedit console) (gpmc console is only for managing domain polices)

From what others have said; you may be able to setup a DC and copy over the files needed (as kind of a 'hack') to make it work for local policies.


See this:



Keep in mind that if your clients PC is joined (managed) by thier works domain, then domain policies will always override local policies, and you will not have a way to edit those outside of registry hacks that will revert when the domain policy is updated again.

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