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Upgrading to RX570 ITX


Hi guys,

I'm currently running an old spec, and want to make a low-cost upgrade for now (planning on buying a high-end spec in a few months).

I have an offer to buy a Sapphire RX570 Pulse ITX for about 100$. I'm using a 1080p display and was wondering if it will be a significant upgrade or should I search for a 1060 ITX (I'm using a mATX case).


This is my current build:



Motherboard: Advantech AIMB-580

CPU: Intel Core i7-860, 2933 MHz

GPU: PALIT GeForce® GTX 660 (2048MB GDDR5)

PSU: Antec EA-500D

Memory: 2x 2GB, 2x 4GB (all DDR3 1333MHZ)

Storage: 2x KingDian 240GB SSD, 1x WD 240GB HDD

Chassis: Advantech Micro ATX IPC-5122




Thanks a lot!

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10 minutes ago, Reizo said:


I'd go for the RX 570 Pulse ITX for now and then if you want to upgrade later on I'd upgrade the CPU, mobo and ram.

Judge a product on its own merits AND the company that made it.

How to setup MSI Afterburner OSD | How to make your AMD Radeon GPU more efficient with Radeon Chill

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For 1080p gaming it will definitely improve your performance (FPS) over the GTX 660. It's quite a decent jump. And value for money, for a 'mid-range' card, the RX 570 is a pretty good option.

In several reviews/benchmarks, the RX 570 outperforms the 1060. 

I have both cards in two different PC's. I don't notice a difference between them but I do not game often and am not the type to sit and watch FPS numbers. 


Just bare in mind it won't give you a comparable performance jump that someone with newer hardware would see. E.g. Someone making the same graphic card upgrade on a current gen system, is likely to get a slightly larger improvement than you would on your system. 


Also depends on the games you play. If you are playing older games with low requirements, it will make no difference. If you are playing newer titles, you will get the benefit of the upgrade. 

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Thanks for the replays guys!

Will my PSU suffice for this card? As I understood AMD's are sometimes power hungry.

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