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Plasma TV going off?


I recently bough the ST60 panasonic plasma tv in my signature for movies / games.

When I first took it out the box, picture was excellent black levels where excellent but I've been noticing that the blacks are not....black.

Plasma's blacks should be basically the screen is OFF, but I can clearly see screen is a lighter shade than the bezel.  If I put a full black screen up the entire screen looks like it has some light coming through, not allot but its there, like the black is a few shades too light?


I've tried to edit settings to see if I could diminish this but I can't get it go away without making the picture too dark and unwatchable.

Blacks are fine during scenes with light, but in dark scenes you can clearly see the blacks are not black or as not as black as I expected?


Don't get me wrong blacks are still excellent when put beside a LED TV/monitor, but they just seem too light....






When I turn the TV off its entirely black, which is what I expected a pure black image to be since it supposed to turn of those parts are the screen?

PC SYSTEM: Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 / i5 2500k @ 4.2ghz / CM Hyper 212 EVO / Gigabyte 670 OC SLI / MSI P67A-GD53 B3 / Kingston HyperX Blue 8Gb / 

WD 2tb Storage Drive / BenQ GW2750HM - ASUS VE248H - Panasonic TX-P42ST60BCorsair AX750 / Logitech K360 / Razer Naga / Plantronics Gamecom 380 /

Asus Xonar DGX / Samsung 830 256gb / MEDIA eMachine ER1401 running OpenELEC XBMC with Seagate STBV3000200 3TB Hard Drive - Panasonic TX-P42ST60B

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use CRT for the truest black. ^^

nah, it just has to do woth the technology, 

"Probably Because I'm A Dangerous Sociopath With A Long History Of Violence"

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